Let’s sight-SEA more of Croatia by heading off to Sveti Jakov… Truth be told Dubrovnik can get quite busy peak season, and for those wanting to dip into the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea at a distance from the crowds, then Sveti Jakov is an option. Sveti Jakov is popular with the locals and is still relatively unknown to most visitors. Grandma was right at home here! At Sveti Jakov, you will find a picturesque view of the Dubrovnik walls and Old Town, Lokrum and a splash of bright purple umbrellas waiting… just for you.



Sveti Jakov beach is located just under the Church of Sveti Jakov. To access the beach one must walk down some rather steep stairs. To be specific, 100 or so steps! So please determine if this is for you in advance. Grandma was pretty keen!



Sveti Jakov is a 5 minute drive by car from Dubrovnik Old Town. There is also a parking lot for vehicles.


Best to walk to Sveti Jakov in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the sweltering midday heat. It’s approximately a 20 minute walk from Dubrovnik Old Town. Travel lightly if walking by foot.


Well, it’s pretty self explanatory. A beautiful swim is a start. Another option to do at Sveti Jakov is go snorkelling or kayaking. There is also a café bar at your disposal!




Grandma (Baba) can’t wait to sight-SEA more of Croatia with you.



P.S. While you’re in Dubrovnik, check out My Grandma is Like the Sea children’s book in the Algebra bookstores.

Nala xx