Korčula has been regularly voted as one of the best islands in the world! And with that comes its breathtaking beaches. Pupnatska Luka is most definitely one of those beaches to sight-SEA when in Croatia. In fact, it was once awarded the best beach in Croatia. 

My earliest memories of Pupnatska Luka as a child was as a rugged, hidden seaside escape. A dose of paradise miles away from the hustle bustle of city life, accessible via an off road rocky trail. Stories still run through my veins of my ancestors and their connection to this beach. My great-grandmother Baba Frana having been born right on the picturesque beach of Pupnatska Luka.

Located on the southern side of the island, Pupnatska Luka is a secluded bay with a white pebbled beach and crystal clear turquoise water. Surrounded by steep cliffs, lush forest and vegetation, onlookers will be able to gaze out to the island of Lastovo on the horizon. 



These days Pupnatska Luka can be accessed via a maintained road with a small parking lot available. Although, the road is not made for a great number of cars. It is also quite an ordeal to find parking peak season; so your best bet is getting there early morning.



For those game enough, it is a hike downhill from Pupnat. Pupnat, is one of the closest villages to Korčula town, and is about 10-15km away. 


The other option is by boat.


Activities range from swimming (a must of course), snorkelling and sunbathing. There are beach chairs available to rent. I must also note that Pupnatska Luka always was and still is a very family friendly beach! 


There are beach bars and restaurants located right on the beach. Look out for Beach Bar Mate and Konoba Mijo. 


For a post beach intimate dining experience, check out Konoba Mate in Pupnat; a family business which holds a Michelin Bib Gourmand and a Michelin Green Star.  There you will explore authentic seafood and Mediterranean recipes made with homegrown ingredients, and packed with flavour. A true aromatic delight! 


And to invite you further into the world of Konoba Mate, as found on their menu, ‘Joint at the kitchen stove, Mirjana and Biljana will impel your palates to recall your grandma’s kitchen, a delicacy that never forsakes the memory.’ In Croatian, ‘Združene za špaherom, Mirjana i Biljana, potaknut će vaše nepce da se prisjetite kuhinje vaših baka, čija slast nikad ne izađe iz sjećanja.’

Pupnatska Luka really is a beautiful tucked away gem, which has definitely gained more of an awareness over the years. Despite the recent traction, Pupnatska Luka still has an aura of timelessness to it. To this day, I still find myself wandering around the rocky landscape, searching every nook and cranny, taking in the breathtaking scenery as though I am a child again.

Be sure to sight-SEA Pupnatska Luka! 


Nala xx