Sight-SEA Lokrum, the island of love which can be seen from most vantage points in Dubrovnik old town, including Buža Bar I and Buža Bar II. An island steeped in history and many legends… Even King of England, Richard I aka Richard Lionheart fell in love with this island! More on this later!

Lokrum is Dubrovnik’s green oasis. The small island is a nature reserve of lush forest and aromatic vegetation, protected according to the Nature Protection Act. It is also on the UNESCO list of cultural heritage.

And now for a little bit of trivia… The name Lokrum originates from the Latin word ACRUMEN meaning ‘sour fruit’ given the oranges and lemons that grow on the island even to present day.



Zesty lemons and oranges isn’t all there is to see! The lush Botanical Garden on the island is home to an exotic species of plants and trees from around the world, mostly planted in the 19th century.

To enjoy all the island has to offer, explore the botanical garden of Lokrum and be drifted away by the pink hues of Bougainvillea and blossoming Myrtle. As you wander around, you will find thriving olive groves and pathless woods enticing you to explore more. And don’t forget to take a swim in the pristine waters away from the summer crowds in Dubrovnik old town.


Historically, the Benedictine Monks have a close association with the island. They first inhabited Lokrum in approximately 915 A.D. Be sure to check out the remains of the Benedictine Monastery built in 1023, according to records.



Connected to the island’s notable history is the Legend of English King Richard I and his vow… Legend has it that in the 12th century, Richard Lionheart faced stormy seas upon returning home from the Third Crusade. Can you guess the connection between his journey and the island? Well, Richard Lionheart’s ship narrowly missed getting shipwrecked with thanks to finding refuge in Lokrum! With gratitude, he vowed to build two churches dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, with one on Lokrum.



You’re probably wondering how to get to this mystical, magical island? Read on to find out how to get there…

Lokrum island is a 15 minute ferry ride with either Zrinski or Scala from the Grand Pier (Veliki Muo) located in the old port, Dubrovnik. The boats leave every half hourly in summer. Another option is to kayak to the island! As you await the boat, why not check out Porporela which is just beside the old port. Porporela is a pier and breakwater where many tend to sit back and take in the view of Lokrum and the Adriatic Sea.

There is so much to LOVE about this island, from the peace and tranquility it offers to the never ending stories associated with it.



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Nala xx