For one of Croatia’s best kept secrets, sight-SEA the hidden oasis of Mljet, believed to be Homer’s mysterious Ogygia. It’s the perfect escape for your ‘M-ljetovanje’ (summer holidays!)

Mljet is located in southern Dalmatia between Dubrovnik and the island of Korčula. It is home to unspoilt beauty and nature, untouched villages, and uninhabited houses. There is also a must SEE National Park surrounded by exquisite saltwater lakes, beaches and sea caves. The place is shrouded in myths, stories and legends, from the beautiful goddess Calypso who held Odysseus captive for seven years, through to St Paul the Apostle.


There are several ways to get to Mljet for some sight-SEA-ing action…


One way is via the ferry from Prapratno beach on the Pelješac peninsula.


Another way is the fast passenger ferry Nona Ana direct from Dubrovnik. Grandma always likes to get amongst it… and so as a side note, Nona is a word used for Grandma by some in Dubrovnik (not far from Mljet!)


For a handful of key sight-SEA-ing activities read on…


Legend has it that Odysseus was held captive here by the nymph Calypso. The 3000 year old cave also became the natural habitat of the Mediterranean Monk Seal. To get there, it is best to follow the path by foot, which is accessible from the main village Babino Polje.


Mljet is known as Croatia’s greenest island, which houses the ‘Nacionalni’ Park.

Two thirds of the island is covered in dense forest. One third forms the National Park, a go to for nature lovers, bordered by two saltwater lakes Malo Jezero and Veliki Jezero.


For sea kayaking enthusiasts or some stand up paddle board action, both Malo Jezero and Veliki Jezero are the places to be! These natural saltwater lakes form part of the National Park and are interconnected by a small channel. Designated paths have also been established alongside the lakes for a light walk or hike.


It sure felt like stepping back in time when I stepped foot on St Mary’s Island. Located within the National Park surrounds, be sure to check it out! Catch a boat to Sveti Marija and find yourself captivated by the 12th century Benedictine Monastery and Roman ruins. The boat ride ticket comes with the entrance ticket to Mljet National Park.

Mljet is the answer to those who not only appreciate idyllic nature, peace and tranquillity; but also a slice of Croatia still fairly under the radar. It’s my go to place to escape the busy summer crowds, recharge and soak in all that ‘M-ljetovanje’ has to offer. Mljet is also the perfect place to sight-SEA with Grandma… or, Grandpa for that matter! Wink.


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Nala xx