In honour of My Grandma is Like the Sea, here are 5 Sea Themed Children’s Songs. You may want to sing along together to these tunes whilst at the beach, on your way to the seaside or alongside some pretend ‘sea’ play!

5 Sea Themed Children’s Songs

  1. Let’s kick off the list with a classic, A SAILOR WENT TO SEA SEA SEA. Sing along to this song, engage is some clapping games and have fun while you’re at it! Listen to it here.
  2. BABY BELUGA by RAFFI. Watch the performance live in concert here.
  3. ANIMALS IN THE OCEAN. Add this number to your summertime playlist! Listen to it here.
  4. 10 LITTLE FISHIES. Sung from the perspective of the fish with counting incorporated. Listen to it here.
  5. OOH LA LA, OCTOPUS. Listen to it here. With respect to the ‘Octopus’, adults may want to watch the documentary My Octopus Teacher. The documentary explores the connection between a human and wild octopus, and navigates how joy can be ignited by immersing oneself in nature.


I was going to add the Baby Shark song to the above list of children’s songs, but you may be one of the billion parents out there that are already overly familiar with this song!

To wrap up, I’m giving you a virtual HIGH TIDE for your singing efforts!


Nala xx