Somewhere around the 6 month mark, our delightful little milk machines will be ready to explore the wonderful world of solids. Whether you choose the more traditional route to introducing solids or welcome baby-led weaning, or a mixture of both, here are my top 10 baby feeding essentials for getting started!

  1. Hola, I present you with the OlaBaby first feeding set. Consists of a 100% silicone steam bowl, feeding spoon and training spoon designed specifically for tiny hands.

2. While messy eating can be a form of sensory play, and may turn into a dandy of a game… a high chair food and mess catcher or Rommer smock may come in… handy-dandy!

3. When the smock is a no show, allow the Gathre pocket bib to make an appearance!

4. Kiin baby silicone divided plate with suction base.

5. Haakkaa Fresh Food Feeder & Cover Set. This little number encourages independence and can also be used to store frozen breast milk as a teething solution!


6. High chair… always ensure your high chair of choice is sturdy and secure as a safety precaution!


7. Thermos FUNtainer vacuum insulated food jar for food storage when out and about.


8. A 2 in 1 steamer blender, or a wait for it… 4 in 1! Such as the multipurpose Philips Avent.


9. Wean Meister Freezer Pods or ice cube trays for storing any pre made meals. For those taking the baby-led weaning route, stasher silicone food pouches are a must for storing pre-cut fruit and veggies.


10. 360 Sippy cup.


Oh baby! For more recommendations go HERE for my 10 favourite baby toys 0-6 months.

Happy feeding!

Nala xx