There are numerous catchy Croatian nursery rhymes and songs for children, many which have been around for generations. This is a continuation of Part 1, where you will find 2 more sweet rhymes and tunes for the little ones.


The Croatian nursery rhymes and songs provided have been translated back into English.

Croatian Nursery Rhymes and Songs for Children


The first nursery rhyme for this post is as follows…




Boc boc iglicama
ne diraj ga ručicama.

Bode bode jež,
bit će suza, bjež!!!




I find that it is best to keep the “boc boc” and “bode bode” in the original Croatian form.


Boc boc needles

Do not touch them with your hands.


Bode bode hedgehog,

There will be tears, run!!!


Moving on to a very memorable childhood song and game…



Tomi i Jerry, Pink Panteri is best sung out loud with a friend whilst clapping hands with each other to the beat of the song. I used to sing this song and play the clapping game with my friends in Croatia as a child.


Tom i Jerry, Pink Panteri
To sam ja, ja ja

To si ti, ti, ti

To sam ja

To si ti

To je srce ljubavi.


Reci mama, mama, mama
Reci tata, tata, tata
Reci mama, reci tata
Reci hoću brata!

Reci brat, brat, brat
Reci seka, seka, seka
Reci brat, reci seka
Reci hoću mlijeka!

Reci mlijeko, mlijeko, mlijeko
Reci čaj, čaj, čaj

Reci mlijeko, reci čaj
Ovoj priči sad je kraj.

Reci kraj, kraj, kraj
Reci početak, početak, početak,
Reci kraj, reci početak…
Ovoj priči sad je svršetak.



Tom and Jerry, Pink Panthers

It’s me, me, me

It’s you, you, you

It’s me

It’s you

It’s the heart of love.


Say mum, mum, mum

Say dad, dad, dad

Say mum, say dad

Say I want a brother!


Say brother, brother, brother

Say sister, sister, sister

Say brother, say sister

Say I want milk!


Say milk, milk, milk

Say tea, tea, tea

Say milk, say tea

This story has come to an end.


Say end, end, end

Say start, start, start

Say end, say start…

This story is now finished.


For those who have been brought back to their childhood by just reading the above,  check out My Grandma is Like the Sea children’s picture book, here. A story of exploration, love and connection.


Nala xx