We never really stop having big dreams and grand visions. Even as adults. But maybe in time the nature of our dreams change. Or life catches up to us and we lose grip of our vision. Children teach us to rekindle the inner child within us. That inner child with BIG dreams. Do you feel detached from your inner child? Or are you struggling to get in touch with your innermost dreams? Let’s explore 5 ways your children can teach you to keep the dream alive!

Are you aware of the exact moment you let your BIG dreams slide away into the abyss?

I certainly cannot clearly remember the point when I let go of (what once was) my biggest dream. And that was to travel the world as a tennis pro. It is hard to pin point the lasts for most things in life. When in the moment we rarely think it will be the last time to follow through with a certain dream. In the words of John Lennon, ‘Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.’ Even though what ‘life’ brings may very well be better than your original plans. But this is about keeping the dream alive… so let’s continue.

Some time ago I asked my parents something along the lines of ‘Do you remember when your subconscious mind stopped thinking in your native language? And started thinking in your adopted language?’ I also asked them whether they remembered when they last had a dream while sleeping in their native tongue! The answer was no. For both parents and both scenarios it was hard to pin point an exact time. Similar to pin pointing the moment we let go of certain dreams and visions.

Do you still DREAM BIG?

Children really do dream big. We need to think a little more like them in order to dream bigger! Maybe it’s when we get caught up in daily demands and responsibilities that our capacity to dream big from the heart is dampened. Or, maybe fear waters down our ability to keep dreaming big like a child!

Here are 5 ways your children can teach you to keep the dream alive…

5 Ways your Children can Teach you to Keep the Dream Alive


Children mirror the innocence that is still within us. You can better unlock dreams that match your truest self if you are able to strip back any layers and blocks. Journaling can help unlock any blocks that are a result of conditioning or programming which act as a hindrance to realising your dreams.


The sky is the limit according to our kiddos! In the words of George Bernard Shaw ‘If you have built castles in the sky, your work is not lost. Now build the foundations below them.’ This brings me to limiting beliefs. Sometimes it takes a shift in our belief system to act upon our dreams.

Do you hold onto beliefs that are of no service to you?

If you want to create a shift in reality or follow through with your dreams, start assessing your beliefs (particularly any limiting beliefs). This will help make space for your vision.



An example of limiting beliefs include;

‘I don’t have enough time to achieve _____. ‘ (insert own word)

‘It’s safer to play it small.’

‘I might fail if I pursue my dreams.’



Neuroplasticity research supports the ability for the brain to change and rewire itself. This is made possible with practice and repetition. Studies have found that it takes 21 days to create a habit and up to 90 days to create new neural pathways in the brain. Changing any limiting beliefs to ‘un-limiting’ beliefs is a step in the direction of supporting your dreams! An example of a shift includes:

‘There’s growth and learning in pursuing my dreams.’



Children dive into the unknown continuously. The unknown must be embraced when learning a new skill. Like learning to swim. In this way our children remind us to step out of our comfort zone and tap into a world of possibility.

Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset?

How do you conquer your fears?

Do your fears keep you from dreaming big?

Does fear keep you in a stuck state?



Many deep seated fears reside in the unconscious. When fear is triggered a physical sensation is stored unconsciously in the body. This process gets reinforced when a perceived (or real) ‘fearful’ situation is faced. And so a cycle is created.

Have a think about it… How do you navigate your way through feelings of resistance? Creating awareness around the feelings associated with fear will help break the cycle. In my experience, replacing negative feelings with positive ones or lowering the intensity of the associated physical sensation are all ways to combat fear.



It’s inevitable that in search of our dreams we will stumble and fall. This is where we can learn a thing or two from our children. Have you paid proper attention to toddlers learning how to walk? To their ability to get back up and try again despite falling? In a nutshell, we learn from our mistakes.



Our imagination allows us to think outside the box. It helps us with keeping our dreams alive! My cousin wanted to be Batman as a child. No was not an answer. What self belief! It would be amazing if we could hold onto our vision and see it through for the entirety of life!


Thanks for reading 5 ways your children can teach you to keep the dream alive. And remember to have FUN in search of your dreams!

Before you head off, here’s some extra reading on What we can Learn from the Oyster. The Oyster has been a major source of inspiration behind my children’s picture book – writing a book having been a BIG dream of mine as a child!

Nala xx