Below is a list of 100 At-Home Activities to do with the Kids during Self-Isolation. Pick and choose as you wish! (Note, I’ve thrown in a few options for the adults!) And, in the words of Maya Angelou ‘Life Doesn’t Frighten Me!’

  1. Make a Band using Kitchen Pots and Utensils.
  2. Create a Play. Use jump rope as the barrier to the set, with flowers or the likes as admission tickets for the imaginary guests.
  3. Put on a Puppet Show.
  4. Do a Talent Show.
  5. Watch a Foreign Film.
  6. Arts & Crafts.
  7. Make a Flower Press (see photograph below).
  8. Dress up in costumes. Bags being Nala the Lion!
  9. Be Superheroes with capes.
  10. Face Painting. Opt for low tox face paint.
  11. Finger Painting.
  12. Make a Mud Kitchen (Check out this DIY Manual!)
  13. And while you’re at it, create a mud pie. (This form of getting dirty is allowed!)
  14. Make a Cubby House (DIY Manual coming soon folks).
  15. Make an Indoor Fort. (Play with texture and a range of materials found at home).
  16. Build your ideal city with Lego.
  17. Build something that floats.
  18. Construct a Bug Hotel.
  19. Build a Photobooth Backdrop. Reuse cardboard boxes.
  20. Build an Indoor Obstacle Course.
  21. Use your hands to create something that will always remind you of this time. Ensure it embodies the strength you had to overcome it. Such as an artwork or a ceramic piece.
  22. Do Origami.
  23. Make a Kite and fly it.
  24. Make Paper Aeroplanes.
  25. Write a poem or short story. Tap into your imagination.
  26. Play Card Games.
  27. Play Board Games.
  28. Give Jenga a go.
  29. Play Hide and Seek.
  30. Play I-Spy.
  31. Do an Egg and Spoon race. (Have a crack at it!)
  32. Complete a Puzzle.
  33. Make homemade Playdough.
  34. Make some homemade SALT-dough. (Yes, I like to shake it up! A rather thrifty idea may I add).
  35. Play with Bubbles.
  36. Create a Mood Board to elevate the mood at home.
  37. Do a Collage.
  38. Write a letter to your future self or future children. (P.S. your future self is watching you right now!)
  39. Write love notes and leave them around the home for other family members to find.
  40. Put pen to paper and write a letter to a friend.
  41. Indoor Treasure Hunt.
  42. Indoor Picnic.
  43. Research your Family Tree.
  44. Learn a new Skill.
  45. Learn an Instrument.
  46. Read a book… or books!
  47. Play Balloon Volleyball.
  48. Get moving! Walk. Run. Pivot. Use a mini Trampoline or Rebounder. Just move your body! AND, stretch.
  49. Hula Hoop. (A form of moving!)
  50. Create an Exercise Circuit around the home.
  51. Spend more time playing with the pets. (No pressure, only if you have them!)
  52. Then again, if you don’t have pets, play MAKE BELIEVE!
  53. Play hopscotch.
  54. Pick a sport you love and try recreate playing it at home.
  55. Learn a dance routine.
  56. PLEASE, do the Macarena.
  57. It may be THYME to grow a Herb Garden.
  58. Plant some vegetable seeds at home.
  59. Make bread from scratch.
  60. Make colourful, vibrant smoothies.
  61. Bake a cake.
  62. Learn a family recipe.
  63. Make quality chocolate.
  64. EAT quality chocolate (in moderation).
  65. Make some Ice Tea.
  66. Make a recipe that you’ve never EVER made before. (Hint: A little nudge to help you get out of your comfort zone).
  67. Create a simple body exfoliant with salt and olive oil or jojoba oil.
  68. Make a calming hair mask with coconut oil and lavender essential oil.
  69. Declutter. Marie Kondo style.
  70. Make your own Household Cleaner.
  71. Organise the pantry.
  72. Go through the children’s clothes/toys and what is not essential, pass on to those in need.
  73. Create a bedtime rhythm (if you haven’t already) and stick to it. (I call it ‘rhythms’ not routines – more on that later).
  74. Compile photographs on your phone in folders.
  75. Create a photo book.
  76. Make a home spray using filtered water and essential oils.
  77. Learn about the Dirty Dozen (not the film you movie buffs!) Rather, the Environmental Working Group’s ‘Dirty Dozen.’
  78. Start becoming conscious of the ingredients inside the products you buy at home.
  79. Clean out Personal Care Products that have expired or contain some ‘nasty’ ingredients.
  80. Call your loved ones.
  81. Journal. Use it to reflect upon your day. As an idea, write down ‘3 Roses’ and ‘3 Thorns’ from the day. 3 Roses represent the things that went well, whilst the 3 Thorns are for areas to be improved upon.
  82. Implement practices to strengthen the spirit. Such as grounding in nature. Walk barefoot on the grass.
  83. Count birds on the tree tops.
  84. Write down and evaluate your values 1-100. Cut the list down to your top 10 values to live by. Values are hard to change but it is possible to rearrange their order and prioritise what you focus on.
  85. Revisit your 2020 goals. (Does 2020 still count?)
  86. Set some goals (if you didn’t at the beginning of the year).
  87. Write a list of 10 FUN things to do for when self-isolation is over.
  88. Write a list of 10 MUST do things for when self-isolation is over.
  89. Jot down 10 things you are grateful for.
  90. Write down your ultimate Travel Bucket List. (Hey, a girl can dream!)
  91. Watch or read something that you would not engage in usually. In order to expand your awareness and perspectives.
  92. Study a culture that inspires you.
  93. List 5 things that light you up (inspire you/make you happy) and incorporate more of that in your life moving forward.
  94. Take a Personality Test – HERE.
  95. Take the Love Language Test – HERE.
  96. Look into the WIM HOF method. Ice, ice baby!
  97. Get out in the morning sun. (This helps with the circadian rhythm, amongst many other aspects of our physiology. It is especially beneficial during self isolation!) Check out my article on the relationship between wellbeing and lighting.
  98. Get fresh air.
  99. Wind down in time to get some good quality sleep.
  100. Limit technology.