My Grandma is Like the Sea

Author: Natalie Franćeska


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My Grandma is Like the Sea embodies the beautiful bond that grandparents and grandchildren share; it follows a little girl and her grandmother who explore the sea and share unconditional love.

The child connects with the world, supported by her grandmother, whose love is as wide and vast as the deep blue sea. Grandma’s presence inspires one to take risks and live from the heart.

A strong message of love is at the core of this poetic story. A love that encourages young readers to explore the world and their hearts’ desires, knowing that they are accepted and worthy as they are. And that they belong no matter where they are in the world.

Let Grandma’s wisdom and knowledge guide you to see what you can discover…


ISBN: 9780645025422
Format: Hardcover (Keepsake)
Number of Pages: 32
Dimensions: 28.0 x 21.6 x 1
Age: 4-8 years


‘I love this book! It encourages children to dream big, understand their inherent worth and connect with the world.’
– Frances Vidakovic, award-winning parenting blogger at Inspiring Life Dreams


‘A heartwarming book that inspires children to navigate the world and follow their dreams with the support of an all-encompassing grandmother’s love.’
– Dino Radja, professional basketball Hall of Famer


‘Wonderful. As I read the book to my granddaughter, she enjoyed it and felt like it was her grandmother. The story took me back to my childhood, when I had all the attention, support, and great, great love of my grandmother.’
– Vinko Barčot, songwriter
(for renowned artists such as the late Oliver Dragojević)

17 reviews for My Grandma is Like the Sea

  1. Elena S

    As a teacher, I really appreciate the beautiful imagery and poetic words in this book. They sparked wonder for my two little girls from the first moment we read it. They wanted to know more about the sea! From young, they’ve always displayed their most favourite and special books on their mini wall shelf in their bedroom, and this one has not left the shelf since we received it last year! It’s become a family favourite in our home ♥ ♥.

  2. carmen

    My son who is 5 found this book very relatable as he has a strong bond with his grandma, the illustrations were so beautiful.

  3. Shannon

    Such a beautiful story with beautiful illustrations! Makes a great gift, a true keepsake!

  4. Julianne Bobanovic

    Beautiful little book with stunning illustrations that makes the perfect gift from Grandma/Baba to granddaughters.

  5. Melisa

    A beautiful story bringing me back to my childhood and my own relationship with my grandmother.
    The illustrations are also amazing, my daughters loving each and every page

  6. Maria Lavorato

    What a sweet story. It really made me think of my grandmother and really brought back some beautiful memories. My boy also really loved the illustrations.

  7. Zrinka

    A spectacular book showcasing the amazing bond between child and grandparent. A perfect keepsake

  8. Anita

    The beautiful message and vibrant illustrations in this book will bring you back to your own adventures with your grandmother and the wisdom they have imparted.

  9. Jessica Didovich-Lasalo

    Such a beautiful story between a grandmother & her granddaughter. It really took me back to my childhood & the memories with my grandmother. I so loved reading it to my daughters & they really enjoyed it too!
    The illustrations are just beautiful & suit the story so well! Definitely a must read & perfect gift for little ones.

  10. Rachel Bosnich

    Thank you for bringing a story to life that reflects an experience shared by many grandchildren in the Croatian diaspora. This great story truly reflects the wisdom of our grandparents and should be shared with generations to come! Highly recommended.

  11. Antonia Uskok

    Loved it! And so did my girls. My three old will pretend to be the little girl in the book and the grandma her own grandmother.
    A beautiful gift for any occasion.

  12. Anna

    Such a beautiful sentimental book.. the love of the sea and adventures with grandma. The illustration is so stunning and the story brings joy and love that shines brighter and brigher during the reading. A must read for the little ones and a perfect xmas gift / birthdays🖐

  13. Ivana Zoric

    I was touched by Author Natalie Franceska’s words and thought process into developing My Grandma Is Like The Sea.

    I purchased two copies, one for my niece and nephews to share and a copy for my future children so they can see the work of a first-generation Australian and Croatian Diaspora.

    Her work should be celebrated and acknowledged for the future generation of writers to see how hard work pays off in the creative field.

    Ivana Zoric
    Ivana Creative

  14. Zarah

    My daughter (5 years old) loves this story, it has become her favourite bedtime story. She recently took the book to kindy and shared it for her news.
    The illustrations are incredible, such a beautiful book!

  15. Jessica Nikolovski

    Gorgeous book, that will resonate with all children, parents and grandparents.

  16. Carmen

    A beautiful book for young & old alike. It sings to the nostalgia of bygone days & simpler times with
    the gorgeous illustrations; while the wise words of grandma remind us of what’s important in the
    here & now. You can’t help but feel uplifted when you finish reading it I will never tire of this magical story

  17. Vansssa Alajajian

    Such a beautiful story with beautiful illustrations to match. I have a four year old daughter and she just loves this book. It’s definitely a bedtime favourite.

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