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Beach Time with Grandma Gift Set

The ultimate gift set for grandma and grandchild to spend some quality time by the sea.


Calf & Crew silicone beach toy set – Sunny side
Consists of:
1 x bucket with handle
1 x spade
4 x beach moulds shaped as sea animals
The spade and beach moulds fit inside the bucket for easy storage.
This set will provide grandma and the little one with bucket loads of fun!
Made from 100% silicone, BPA and Phthalates free.
Packaged in eco-friendly reusable cotton net bag with drawstring.
Measurements: Bucket: H14 / D10 cm, Shovel: L: 22 / W: 6.5 cm, Moulds D 8 cm.
Care instructions: Wipe with damp cloth or run under warm soapy water.

Signed My Grandma is Like the Sea hardcover book

Personalised My Grandma is Like the Sea Stickers
100% compostable, vegetable based ink stickers.
Dimensions: 148 x 210mm.
These personalised My Grandma is Like the Sea stickers can be enjoyed at home, reminding the little ones of their beach day spent with grandma!

Mabel and Meg Tasmanian Coast Bath SALT Test Tube
After a big day at the beach, allow grandma to soak in all the salty goodness with this Tasmanian Coast Bath Salt Test Tube.
This blend uses essential oils from plants growing on the coastal shores of the beautiful island Tasmania, and includes Epsom salt and Himalayan salt.
Ingredients Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate) Himalayan Salt, Kunzea Essential Oil (Kunzea Ambigua) Coastal Tea Tree Essential Oils (Leptospermum Laevigatum)
Weight: 40g.


‘I love this book! It encourages children to dream big, understand their inherent worth and connect with the world.’
– Frances Vidakovic, award-winning parenting blogger at Inspiring Life Dreams


‘A heartwarming book that inspires children to navigate the world and follow their dreams with the support of an all-encompassing grandmother’s love.’
– Dino Radja, professional basketball Hall of Famer


‘Wonderful. As I read the book to my granddaughter, she enjoyed it and felt like it was her grandmother. The story took me back to my childhood, when I had all the attention, support, and great, great love of my grandmother.’
– Vinko Barčot, songwriter
(for renowned artists such as the late Oliver Dragojević)


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