Oh deer! Christmas is right around the corner. For many this includes the gift of giving… which of course comes in a variety of shapes and forms. This article captures the physical aspect of gift giving in the form of Christmas presents. This year I am particularly pining to put up our Christmas Tree; but first find 10 Waldorf (Steiner) inspired Christmas Gifts for toddlers.

What makes a toy Waldorf like? Well I’m glad you asked… In true Waldorf fashion, the toys should be open ended. Such toys should encourage the child to tap into their imagination and play actively (rather than passively). Hey, the world really is your ‘child’s’ oyster! Given this, you will find that the toys selected will last throughout a variety of ages.

But wait, there’s myrrh…

The Waldorf toys in our home particularly align with our values and ‘vibe.’ We try our best to simplify our home environment, reduce clutter and subsequently invite more space centred around lurv (love)! For this reason, the selected gifts have been carefully thought out, with most having a timeless element to it. That is to not accumulate ‘junk!’

Let’s get cracking! The below list comprises of 10 Waldorf Inspired Christmas Gifts for your toddlers. P.S. I always like to slay others with a good pun.

10 Waldorf Inspired  Christmas Gifts

  1. Ostheimer Holy Family 5 Pieces Nativity Scene. I adore the Ostheimer Nativity Scene Range options. A child’s imagination is a wonderous thing. The wooden figures collectively act as a reminder of the meaning of Christmas. But can also be used individually or in any setting, depending on your child’s imagination. Now, moving onto point 2…

2. Sarah’s Playsilks. Choose from a range of non toxic, environmentally friendly dyed colours, these playsilks are a beautiful addition to a child’s room. Encouraging open ended play, they can be used to create forts, be worn as a cape or used to represent an element of nature. We have a beautiful blue/turquoise one at home which is used to tell stories, play dress ups or act as a prop in place of the sea.

3. Waldorf inspired doll. What stands out to you? Hint: notice the face. A Waldorf doll deliberately has no facial expressions. Although, you may find some with a very subtle facial expression. The child can use the doll as a projection of their state or imagination. It encourages them to bring the doll’s emotions to LIFE!

4. Grapat Nins. The handcrafted Nin rainbow peg people encourages open ended play, imagination and storytelling based play. Similar to the Waldorf inspired dolls, they do not exhibit facial expressions. There are also no instructions provided.

5. Papoose Felt Balls. Inspire your child’s imagination with these hand felted balls. This option is inspired by the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe colour theory wheel which is implemented in Waldorf/Steiner education.

6. Grimms Rainbow. Made with sustainably sourced wood and utilising German craftmanship, this stunning item is a keeper! Your child can stack it, assort colours, build… the possibilities are endless, inviting creative play!

7. Waldorf Tree Blocks. Building blocks in general are a classic open ended toy. These in particular include natural bark, using environmentally friendly sustainable branch-wood.

8. Stockmar Crayons. Made with pure beeswax, these non toxic crayons have been specifically formulated to suit toddler hands. Stockmar products are also based on the Goethe colour theory wheel.

9. Basket. Yes, a basket. Why? Well, a basket encourages outdoor exploration and play. It serves as an invitation for the child to immerse themselves in nature and build upon their relationship with Mother Earth. You may even throw in some pegs and a blanket so they can construct their own cubby house outside. If you opt to do so, please choose a basket that is slightly larger than what has been provided.

10. Two level Modern Tree House. This wooden Tree House has been handcrafted using recycled lychee wood. It can act as a beautiful home to invite in endless magical, imaginative play.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop an email. But before you go…

Have your ‘elf’ a Merry little Christmas!


Nala xx